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    Demolition steel industry

    We publish this opportunity to arouse interest from leading international companies specialized in demolition of industrial areas to be remediated ecologies  and to create new urban areas to be allocated to building new neighborhoods (residential and industrial area). The demolitions also cover very high smokestacks and blast as the area is occupied by a disused steelworks hours. The surface is different in two areas distant from each other about 10 km and covers a total area of 138 hectares. The demolition works will be supported economically by a fund allocated by the European Community  in favor of municipal be distributed to companies that compete to attract tenders for the work. The time available to carry out the demolition has been estimated at about 3 years.
The Romedicenter offers for mediation, organization and management of reports to manage within the structure logistics and technical / operational need for companies concerned.
Per informazioni scrivete all’ e-mail romedicenter@yahoo.it   o potete chiamare allo 0039  3391347331  o  +4 0744 801 015.

The photos represent a synthetic type of construction to be scrapped

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