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The Romedicenter is happy for introducing the new constructive system ' CONCREWALL ', that it represents one of the best and  favorable technological answers for how much concerns time of construction, costs generates them and the emergency. The happened one of system ' CONCREWALL ' is known and appreciated all over the world. We list some to you of the advantages that system ' CONCREWALL ' offers:
1 * thermal and fonic Isolation much elevating;
2 * Resistance to the atmospheric events strongly intensity and earthquakes.
3 * Construction in short times with costs many contents;
4 * the material used for the construction is ignifugo; the
5 * All materials use you for the construction have been declare to you ecological;
6 * the produtrice company has certification ISO and norm TUV. Taking advantage itself of the collaboration of our partner PHB, the Romedicenter is in a position to esaudire the several requirements of the customers. We estimate eventual proposals from part of land owners, communal administrations etc, that they mean to use their surface in order to construct houses, structures, social centers etc, with system ' CONCREWALL '. For information, you write to the email: romedicenter@yahoo.it indicating your name and address and we will answer you more soon.

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