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    Single Panel  EPS

    Single Panel  EPS sheet assembled with two electrowelded mesh through steel connectors already welded into longitudinal wires.
Use This panel is used for making bearing building walls with the reinforced concrete mix, partition walls and external closing walls. The structural or covering plastering is applied with the Spritz-Beton system (Shotcrete) It can also be used in horizontal positions, in the creation of small roofing panels and/or overloads, complete with suitable reinforcement steel and the concrete casting. It is also worthy to point out, that there are various types of single panel. Some are suitable for the realisation of the bearing walls, others are variants in which the parameters such as the polystyrene density, the thickness and steel wire diameters change in accordance to the requirements requested, (partition walls, sound-proofing devices, closing devices, thermal insulation devices, etc.).


Spessore polistirolo                      Diametro filo di
    15 kg/mc                                  acciaio zincato (mm)
     (metri)                                          3,5 mm

0,04                                               15.31  Eur/mp
0,06                                               16.64  Eur/mp
0,08                                               17.97  Eur/mp
0,10                                               19.31  Eur/mp
0,12                                               20.64  Eur/mp

I prezzi sono Franco-stabilimento,  non contengono l' IVA,sono in euro
e si calcola al corso BNR +1,5 % nel giorno dela fatturazione.
Importante: Per i pannelli fatti  "su misura'' secondo il proggetto di esecuzione, i prezzi sono piu' alti con 15 %.

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