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    The Romedicenter,
she offers the own availability and the deepened acquaintance of the Italian economic truth and the economic truth created Rumena.Abbiamo this opportunity, in order to concur with the Italian entrepreneurs and those Rumanians of being able to use our channel for being able to increase the own borders of supplying sale and conoscenza.Ogni of the products and the services, lists to you between following, has set up with we a serious relationship of collaboration, based on criteria of honesty and seriousness; you will be able to connect through of we relationships trades them and to create new horizons operated you for your activity and/or produzione.La Rumania is phase of economic increase, needs of all the consumer articles that we are accustoms to find to you in Italy, has need of products and tecnologia.Ma it can also supply many opportunità.Anche you you will have the opportunity to enter to make part of our data bank to you, pubblicizzando and exposing public to yours prodotti.Che you are Rumanian or Italian or of whichever other nationality, not ago difference, you write without fear, indicating the tipologia to us of production and/or service carries out your company, we will answer sending to you the relative information to you to the procedure for being able to publish your products and/or services through of he is concrete, real and that it answers to requirement from described same you in the presentation that us invierete.Le our commission, the tipologie of products vary second or services and will be communicated in the risposta;saranno ones to only regulate in the moment in which it will come finalized the purchase operation or sale that interests to you. In order to contact to us, you write us to the email romedicenter@yahoo.it




    Vendesi nota attività di agenzia matrimoniale seria e professionale, per la ricerca del partner in italia e all'estero, viaggi organizzati, feste, eventi, operativa dal 1993, sviluppata in tutta italia e anche all'estero. L'attività si può svolgere in qualsiasi città, marchio registrato, 3 siti internet, banca dati di circa 4000 persone  forniamo anche il corso di formazione per l'avviamento dell'attività. Solo persone veramente motivate a intraprendere questa attività.
Per informazioni scrivete all'indirizzo romedicenter@yahoo.it  -per contatto  chiamate 00393391347331  o  0040744801015 .

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