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The Romedicenter, offers the own availability and real estate acquaintance of the truth in Romania, taking advantage itself of real estate agents credits to you and enrolled to the Room of Commercio.Is regularly known that the real estate investments are one of the shapes of investment between more sicure;a the greater reason in a Country where approximating itself of the income in the European Union it is carrying the plusvalenza of understood them real estate to positive increases you that they can astound. The feeling is had to find in Italy of the economic BOOM years 60/70. The private property is inviolabile; the "Romanian partner" is not more necessary like was various years fa.Ai fine to acquire real estate property is necessary that the purchasers have certainties, clear and concrete answers to every question; with we, you will be able to have emergencies and serious interlocutors whom they will know to make forehead your requirements, making you to take advantage of the real and concrete opportunities that exist today in Romania. We try to explain hour some of the main reasons for which an investment in Romania it seriously possesses requirement for being taken in consideration:
- still accessible prices in comparison to the Italian standards;
- enormous finalized annual revaluation to approximating itself of the entrance in European Community of Romania.
- E' important to make to comprise a fundamental concept:
In Romania a foreign physical person can buy pieces of real estate, houses, apartments, sheds ecc.La substantial difference regarding our habits, regards the fact that the foreign physical persons here, cannot acquire lands. Therefore also becoming owners of the construction, the same construction is not become owners also of the portion of ground below.
An apartment(flat) can be acquired simply without no difficulty and without any problem, being a locato good directly over a land and making part with the other apartments of a normal construction ; does not exist therefore on the tipology of the real estate good of the apartment no restriction on acquiring some the entire property from part of foreign physical persons. Also a immobile(house, shed, etc.) it will be yours, but it will have the great "legal defect" of being locato over one property vostra.It's possible not to resolve this "defect", opening one company and therefore transferring your identity from foreign physical person to Romanian legal entity.
The Romedicenter has obviated to all that, taking advantage itself of the collaboration of serious professionals composed from lawyers and commerces graduate credit to you and she offers the possibility to you to have a "complete package" and sure in order to open a company in Romania, than she will concur to you of being able to acquire property legal and without no defect occulto.If you become Romanian legal entity, you will be able to buy also lands without no construction and to construct then what vorrete.Ours Italian real estate correspondents will be available to give all the information of which you have necessity. We describe here, which are the documents that are necessary to the aim to open a company in Romania:
-1 Passport or identity card.
-2 Certificate judicial records and/or in alternative a autodichiarazione signed near a Romanian notary public, in which one declares that penal procedures in course are not had.
-3 the cost max in order to open a company with a minimum of social objects is of 350/400 euro.
-4 Important - to open a company in Romania, does not mean to have one society with other persons; the company is entire yours and you decide your strategies without some constriction from part of others or institutions.
-5 the useful time for the opening of a company goes from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of twenty.
-6 Opening an activity, also of not active fact, the cost for the maintenance in vigor of the same one, the year is gone around between a minimum of 100 to a max of 200 euro.
-7 the legislation in merit seems that soon it will have to change, allowing also the foreign physical persons to acquire lands; it will be therefore possible, if the wished ones, once changed the law, to transfer the property from Romanian legal entity to foreign physical person.
For greater clarity in the comparisons of the investor, we inform that the notarial rogiti ones, are carries out to you near the Notarial study Rusu Costantin di Hunedora, famous authorized and legittimato professional near the Appeals Court of Julia Dawn. For ulterior information, you write us to the email or can contact our Italian collaborators -

Per contatto diretto in Italia ( Ancona ) contattare il Sig Marco Martini  al seguente numero di telefono 3458663145

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